Conventional (Whole Product) Pickup and Processing

Our direct distributor pickup and processing service provides a one-stop solution for your New York State distributed brands. All distributors must comply with the NYS Bottle Bill and our program takes all of the logistical and administrative guesswork out of it.

We can tailor a custom program to fit your needs, with any of the services listed below provided a-la-carte or as a package.

Our services include:

  • Pickup of your product from licensed redemption centers and C-License distributors
  • Checking of bags and cases to ensure that they are filled to standard redemption counts
  • Payment of deposit and handling fee to redemption centers on your behalf
  • Distribution of empty bags to redemption centers on your behalf
  • Destruction of all product picked up to prevent re-redeeming
  • Recording of audit data provided by us to indentify problematic accounts

Please contact us to learn more and/or for a quote.